Pink, pink, pink

27 07 2010

We stopped at the Pink Roadhouse in Oodnadatta and stayed at their caravan park.  It was all pink.  Pink, more pink, even hot pink.  Wow!!


Lets get wet on day 4

27 07 2010

We went to Lake Eyre.  We walked down and touched it.  It was freezing.  Our walking boots did their job too.  They were VERY sandy and dirty by the time we got back from the walk.

Sculpture Park

27 07 2010

This is a picture of a flower windmill from the sculpture park.  There was people, planes, dogs and much more.

Old, old, old

27 07 2010

We came to some ruins and they were very old.  There was old weathered glass that was definitely very old.

Orange Mania

27 07 2010

When we were in the Murray Riverlands we saw the Big Orange and the orange trees.  The Big Orange was closed so we didn’t get to go to the top.  Any way!


27 07 2010

This is my first night away. We’ve just set up the camper trailer. These are our beds.

I sleep on the single one. Ella sleeps on the bottom, with Lucy on top. We stayed at

a BIG 4 caravan park. I’ve had fun so far. I miss you all. It’s fun out here.

Hi friends

20 07 2010

Hi, my name is Kate.  This is my blog.  I will write about my trip.  I hope you enjoy reading and looking at it. Please write me some comments. I will post some photos I take with my new camera.